CA-WN Exchange - the latest

CA-WN Exchange - the latest
Who is searching for a rare species of cricket?

An interesting mix of new posts for you …

West Northamptonshire Council gives us something to celebrate1.

Across the UK two tonnes of clothing are bought every minute - Luke Costin discusses low-price fast fashion and a growing awareness among consumers that something has to change2.

West Northamptonshire Councillor Zoe Smith shares her views3.

University of Northampton's Dr Ebenezer Laryea, Project Lead for TANZ West Northants and Chair of the Centre for Sustainable Business Practices gives us his 'three things’ 4.

For those with eco-anxiety, in popcawn Bugbrooke Parish Councillor Clare Slater introduces us to ‘sane realism’ to give a glimmer of hope5.

If you were wondering what had sprouted in the fields around you so quickly after harvest, the growth may well be a cover crop, a natural way to prepare the seed-bed for next season’s sowing6.

We report on the West Northamptonshire Sustainable Food Network that is working to improve the quality of food, end food waste, address food poverty, and ensure that we have a thriving, healthy and sustainable food economy7.

Related to the food we eat, Rupert Knowles reports that farmers' production costs have far outstripped their income. We ask if supermarkets are paying a fair price to growers8.

Still on the subject of food, a new podcast series is our latest recommendation; “Chris van Tulleken investigates the entangled web of forces that shape what ends up on our plates”9 and, as ever, Patsy Hollingum has two mouth-watering recipes, this time for the cheap and nutritious cabbage10.

Last but not least, on our bookshelf is a very unusual comic book11.

On a separate note, we are planning a very informal social get-together in the afternoon of Saturday 20 January, at a central location to be confirmed. It would be good to see a few of you face to face for a change - look out for more details.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts, sourced, proof-read and published by our editorial volunteers. If you feel you might enjoy being part of the team please do get in touch.


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