Last Chance to Find Duke

Last Chance to Find Duke

This is something different to lighten the mood, an utterly charming cartoon story by a Chinese author and illustrator – which explains why its English language speech bubbles have to be read from right to left.

An insect researcher called 063 sets off to find a rare species of cricket whose chirps sound like jazz, which is why it has been named Duke. If he doesn’t find Duke the Institute for Studying Extraordinary Creatures will cut his research funding. 

As 063 travels through a country called M in the search for Duke the story subtly introduces many important social and ecological themes that could be an illuminating conversation between an adult and a young person.

Last chance to find Duke is available from Gosh Comics for £22.50 including postage.

Our thanks to Quin Putornpugdee, University of Northampton illustration student, for introducing us to this book.