Eat More Veg Month

Eat More Veg Month
Photo by Chantal Garnier on Unsplash

World Vegan Day on 1 November spotlights the vegan movement with World Vegan Month** continuing the worldwide celebration throughout November.

At our October monthly meeting award-winning vegan chef Natasha Caton spoke enthusiastically about ‘we are what we eat’.

While many of us would find it impractical for our daily menu to be entirely meat-free there are genuine advantages to regularly including fresh vegetables in our diet - it can save us money and encourage local growers to grow more.

Above all, increasing our fresh veg intake can lessen demand for those meat products on supermarket shelves that, however cheap to buy, are manufactured on an industrial scale, sometimes using imported ingredients grown on farms that are depleting the local natural resources.

Being kind to ourselves can be good for our health and good for everyone else too.

**Not to be confused with Veganuary - we'll come to that after Christmas - meanwhile, CA-WN Exchange has some great ideas for meat-free recipes.