Tinder for trees?

Tinder for trees?
Harvesting trees in Corby

CA-WN was introduced to ‘tree harvesting’ at a recent event near Corby organised by a Dutch group, More Trees Now. One of the attendees was CA-WN’s newest Steering Committee member, Mick Lorkins.

The idea is to collect – ‘harvest’ – young trees that under normal circumstances wouldn’t survive to adulthood because they are too close to a mature tree. In natural woodland they would just die, in managed woodland they might be removed manually and discarded.

The very simple idea behind More Trees Now is to find new homes for the young trees. Matchmaking for trees, in effect. The trees get a chance to thrive in a more favourable site and local people get home-grown native trees for their tree-planting projects.

Not one to let the grass grow, Mick has organised a tree harvesting event on Sunday 28 January. This will be at Martin More Wood near Chapel Brampton, which is managed by West Northants Council. Many thanks to the Environment, Countryside & Parks team for enthusiastically embracing this idea.

Sign up for the event here https://treeplanner.moretreesnow.eco/events/1836 

And if you belong to a community group which could offer a good home to some of the trees, please get in touch. The varieties of trees harvested are likely to include oak, field maple, hazel, rowan and hawthorn. You will need to be able to collect the trees from Martin More Wood - any not collected on the day will be safely stored in a 'tree hub'.