Six things for you and the world

Six things for you and the world

Travel – Walking and cycling are healthy for you and healthy for the planet.
For longer distances consider travelling by train instead of driving or flying.

Renewable Energy – Switch your contract to a renewable energy supplier if your electricity supply is not already from 100% renewable sources.
Switching a contract can sometimes save money.

Diet – Cut down on dairy, meat and heavily processed foods.
Have a balanced diet with a variety of in-season vegetables, beans, and grains.

Reduce Food Waste – Many foods can be eaten past their ‘best before’ date. Use up leftovers and make use of your freezer.
For any residual waste, use a compost bin or kerbside food caddy not a general waste bin.

Cold Wash - Quick Wash – Use the washing machine less often and aim to have a full load. Lower the wash temperature and choose a quick wash cycle to save energy and reduce your laundry costs.

Consume less - Appreciate what you already have and shift to a more sustainable shopping habit. Consider choosing ‘pre-loved’ items. Above all reduce waste; re-use, repair and recycle.

If you need to buy new aim for products from companies with high ethical, environmental, and social values and be alert to ‘greenwash’.