Reflections by Mark Avery

Reflections by Mark Avery

I’ve been a subscriber to Mark Avery’s interesting and enjoyable monthly Newsblast since he was the (free of charge) keynote speaker at a conference CA-WN co-organised with Northamptonshire ACRE. So I was keen to read this, his new book about wildlife and wildlife conservation.

Reflections is a concise and insightful look at wildlife conservation in the UK which answers some key questions about the state of nature in this country. More than that, the author provides frame and context for the questions. The book highlights a number of successes in the field of wildlife conservation, and also looks at why, despite a plethora of conservation-focused not-for-profits, wildlife in this country continues to decline. There’s a well-informed examination of the role of government and its relationships with the wildlife conservation sector and vested interests including landowners.

The book ends with a set of proposals to leave you feeling prepared for action rather than weighed down by past and current failings. If you are a member of any of the numerous UK wildlife conservation organisations Reflections will challenge you to do more to make sure they are spending your membership fee in the most effective way possible.

Sadly this book isn’t stocked by Northamptonshire libraries, but Mark does offer the option to email him directly to request a signed copy.