My View – Phil Bignell

My View – Phil Bignell

I am Ward Member for Long Buckby, a classic rural Ward, Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee at WNC and finally Chair of Bugbrooke Parish Council. In each of these roles I feel it gives me an opportunity to have some influence on Climate change. It is easy to think that we as individuals can have very little effect but we can, and collectively that adds up to changes that must be made for us to save this precious planet.

Personally, I hate waste and I recycle absolutely everything I can and with WNC’s four bin policy it couldn’t be easier. The only major element missing currently is soft plastics but several of the major chain supermarkets make that easy. In the past six months I have only ever put my black bin out three times, just think before you use it, can it be recycled? I accept it is dependent on personal circumstances but think before using the black bin, you can derive pleasure from knowing recycling has an effect, however small. I bike some 7,000 miles a year, albeit a lot for pleasure, but this is an excellent way of limiting pollution, being green and adopting a more accepted method of transport.

Being on the Planning Committee gives me an excellent opportunity along with my fellow members to ensure that new proposals deliver biodiversity gains, have sustainable travel links, dwellings equipped for modern transportation and meeting energy efficiency targets which are becoming ever more demanding. As Chair of my local PC we are lucky to have Councillors committed to an Environmental Group who in the short time they have been formed have come up with and delivered projects that mean we as a Community can meet biodiversity targets we have set ourselves. Examples are regular litter picks, repurposing green areas owned by the PC, analysing mowing schedules to reduce need, and promoting rewilding. Their latest initiative is to encourage drivers in cars to stop idling, something that I detest, and educate drivers as to the harm this activity causes.

So, in summary there is so much we can do as individuals, it might seem trivial but trust me the cumulative effect is great and must happen if we are serious about saving the world we live in and passing it on to future generations.

Cllr Phil Bignell – Long Buckby Ward