Local Matters - Boddington

by Mark Thompson, Boddington Sustainability Group

Boddington: Pop: 720 (2010)  196 Households (2010)

Boddington Parish is made up of two villages - Upper and Lower Boddington - located in West Northamptonshire and has a population of around 700.  In July 2021, three newly elected parish councillors formed a new working group of the council with the purpose of beginning work on a sustainability strategy for the parish. The group was also tasked with making recommendations to the council and community on practical steps it could take to reduce its impact on climate change and biodiversity loss.

This was very timely as if you recall, in June the Pacific Northwest of the USA experienced a “heat dome”. This is where an area of high pressure in the atmosphere stops the air beneath it escaping. Like a lid on a boiling pot, the dome forces air downwards, raising temperatures even further. The one in the USA was extremely unusual in both intensity and duration. Another incident occurred in Lytton, a small town in British Columbia, around the same latitude as London. A record temperature of 49.6 °C was experienced for three days, triggering wildfires; Lytton burnt to the ground.

So far eight parishioners with a diverse set of backgrounds and experience have joined the three councillors, meeting every six weeks. The group has published a number of articles in our local newsletter The Bugle, providing advice on topics such as recycling, renewable heating and biodiversity.

This month the group is recommending to the council that it purchase a thermal imaging camera to be loaned out free to parishioners to allow them to identify areas of heat loss in their homes. A recommendation to install additional recycling facilities will also raise funds for the local school. The Annual Parish Meeting will be used to survey demand for community electric vehicle chargers.

The Parish bought a parcel of land some years ago, Jubilee Field. A keen local group have been planting native wildflower meadows and variety of native trees on the site.

You can find more information on our new webpage: https://www.boddingtonparish.co.uk/index.php/information/sustainability