Govt U Turn on Climate

A Number 10 spokesperson this morning confirmed that public awareness of the climate crisis had reached a tipping point.

They said “A younger generation of voters are telling us that government inaction in the face of the facts is putting their future prosperity at risk. The evidence is clear1. From today, 1 April, action on climate will be our number 1 priority".

Surface air temperature Annual mean anomaly - Data: ERA5 ● Credit: C3S/ECMWF

Expressing their relief CA-WN Exchange said "we must all welcome this change of heart, the recognition that action on climate cannot be simply left to market forces. An evidence-driven decision like this signals the end of believing that commercial interests are best placed to respond to the challenges of climate change."

Meanwhile, in the CA-WN Exchange, it's business as usual.

1 see: Our World in Data