Council Watch April 2022

CA-WN watching West Northants Council for us all

Reflections on WNC, one year in

At CA-WN we see ourselves as a ‘critical friend’ to the council; we support WNC’s commitment to achieving Net Zero, whilst retaining our right as a climate action group representing local residents to call them out if they are falling short.

This report card is I hope a fair assessment of the unitary authority’s first year as a warrior in the fight against climate change.  To summarise – it would be unfair not to recognise that this has been a tough year for WNC, which had to manage transition activities and an ongoing global pandemic.  The future isn’t offering any easy rides though; actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change need to happen quickly and on a large scale.  This will require a significant gear change from the council, working with local residents and organisations.