Cobblers Tackle Food Waste

Cobblers Tackle Food Waste

Damon Fox, Business Development Manager and sustainability lead at the Northampton Town Community Trust, shares the club's latest green initiative. He was also guest speaker at our May public meeting (

We are very excited to be launching the second instalment of our Sustainability project for this year at the Community Trust for schools, businesses and families, called Cobblers Tackle Food Waste - download the poster here.

This is part of a funded project running until the end of 2024 looking at how we can influence and support behaviour change of people, businesses and schools with reducing their Food Waste.

These are the downloadable posters

If you could download the posters and put them up around your office, school or community centre to increase engagement that would be great.  

You as an employee of a business, student at a school, or an individual, can take part by signing up and creating a team name before adding your school or business name as your community for three weeks to compete for the Cobblers Food Waste Cup, starting on June 17th. If you wish your organisation to take part please contact me at so I can add your business to the community tab to make sure all your actions and goals from you and your employees will go to the right team!

Sign up here -

There is also a video discussing the project and what it aims to do for the county:

Cobblers Tackle Food Waste (Subtitled)
Introducing Cobblers Tackle Food Waste, a new project aiming to reduce food waste in our local community.To find out how you can get involved, please visit n…

There are some amazing prizes to win in the Cobblers Tackle Food Waste Cup:

  • Most green goals scored - Ultimate match-day experience (meet the manager and players, and get a great seat) for you and a guest.
  • Complete a 10-day scoring streak - Enter a prize draw to win a signed Men's or Women's 1st team shirt.
  • Complete the survey - Enter a prize draw to win 2 tickets to an EFL League match during the 23/24 season.
  • Score at least 1 green goal - Prize draw to win a Clarence the Dragon teddy bear (5 winners).

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions! And please share with your friends, colleagues and family members.