CA-WN goes to the Museum

CA-WN goes to the Museum

A big thank you to everyone at the CA-WN social event at Northampton Museum on Saturday 20 January. There were around 25 people there, ranging in age from 11 to 80+. Thanks also to the really helpful members of staff on the Museum front desk and in the café.

Some of the feedback we have had:

It was genuinely touching to see a room full of so many kind-hearted, passionate individuals. You are clearly making a difference!
Congratulations on organising such a good meeting on Saturday. I had a good time and made some useful contacts.

We issued an invite simply offering the chance to engage face to face with others sharing similar interests. It was so great to see people, many of whom had never met before, exchanging ideas and information so enthusiastically.

Our plan is to hold a similar event again, possibly once a quarter. Please let us know in the comments if you think it should become a regular event and if you’d like to see a gathering with a more defined purpose, or stay as a very informal social occasion.