Constitution - Meetings - Minutes - Policies


CA-WN is constituted as an Unincorporated Association. You can see how we operate as an organisation in our Constitution:


We have monthly online General Meetings, usually on the third Thursday of every month. These are open to anyone, and bookable through our Eventbrite page. Climate Action - West Northamptonshire Events | Eventbrite. If you are on our mailing list, we will send you the link ahead of the meeting and the meeting notes afterwards.


Full reports for meetings from January 2023 onwards, including links to speaker presentations, are posted on CA-WN Exchange and can be found under Features > CA-WN Admin.
Past guest speakers are listed below, details of future speakers are on our What's On page.
Recordings of meetings from January 2023 onwards are available on the CA-WN YouTube channel.

Minutes of older meetings can be downloaded here:
CA-WN Meeting notes Nov 2022
CA-WN AGM and General Meeting minutes Oct 2022
CA-WN Meeting notes Sep 2022
CA-WN Meeting notes Aug 2022
CA-WN Meeting notes July 2022
CA-WN Meeting notes May 2022
CA-WN Meeting notes Apr 2022
CA-WN Meeting notes Mar 2022
CA-WN Meeting notes Feb -2022
CA-WN Meeting notes Jan 2022


Data Protection/GDPR
CA-WN handles all personal data in accordance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation. Details of this are in our Data Privacy policy. We do not collect any sensitive personal data.

As a Friends of the Earth Local Action Group, we follow the FoE guidance on safeguarding.

Political impartiality
As a Friends of the Earth Local Action Group, we follow the FoE guidance on political impartiality.